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Popular Pig Podcast 2/10/2022: A Consumers Perspective of Modern Pork Production| Levi Maaia

Levi C. Maaia is the director of “Pathways to Invention” a documentary on Lemelson-MIT award-winning inventors. He was in Iowa City recently filming at SwineTech for the film. Levi began his media career in FM radio, cable television and broadband where he became fascinated by the potential for technology to educate, and open a window on the world.

  • Levi’s account of his trip to Schneider Pork’s Sow Farm.
  • What surprised Levi the most during his visit.
  • What we need to do to help people understand where their food comes from.
  • What it will take to create a viral trustworthy message for consumers.
  • How consumers might react to lab grown meat given it is not organic or all natural.
  • Levi Maaia’s “golden nugget”.